What We Use?

Our Technology

Xelerate Rapid Application Creation Tool Tightly integrated with Cumulocity, it enables rich end-to-end IoT Application Creation in minutes based on 80-20 rule.

Unveiling Our Competitive Edge

These USPs help us stand out in a competitive market by showcasing its unique value proposition
and demonstrating the benefits it brings to customers seeking IoT solutions.

An UI enables users to monitor and interact with connected devices using charts, graphs & other tools.

This feature will empower use to analyze the return for the investments to determine the opted option profitability.

Enabling partner to personalize the solution with the logos and other branding ways as they wish.

Allow the data collected via devices to simulate flexibly for detailed analysis and processes.

The feature enables user monitoring which reduce operational costs, increase asset security.

Tracks assets on a map and allows a very easy method of drawing geo-fences (Polygon and Circular) using GUI.

Helps user to use filter & tools help in collection data within specific range for more precise analysis.

Allows continuous processing and analyzing of data records to facilitate user for fast decision making.

Enable user to monitor, manage & locate group resources for better management and planning.

Offers support 24×7 on all integrated solutions provided with the

The tool will enable you to monitor the date trends by presenting it in form of graphs & charts.

Allow all the connectivity to be managed and integrated including hardware, software & infrastructure

Alert generated by to notify user about change.

Allow user to create unique representation of data on selected feature for Organizing and sorting catering need for the time.

List of devices that are compatible for solution purposed to be viewed and managed for better comparative analysis.

The user can use the feature to do real-time monitoring of any connected device whenever they like.

Allow user with real time knowledge of their assets and its current condition/state.

Facilitate the user and provide historic data when required.

Plot the data points located in a specific region with representation of data intensity depicted by color.

Allow user remotely in monitoring, maintenance and surveillance for the valuable equipment.

Collection of data to be presented and summarized for statistical analysis

Permits user to apply rules and perform action as per defined conditions on objects in network.

Tool for 3D Live Models of Physical Assets

The tool enables Object Detection in Videos and Pictures

Uses statistical models, Machine learning and Predictive modeling techniques.

Generate alarms on set rules for warnings.

To record the feedback on user experience for improvement, suggestions or any addition.

Our USPs

These USPs help us stand out in a competitive market by showcasing its unique value proposition and demonstrating the benefits it brings to customers seeking IoT solutions.


Customized Solutions

Offering tailored IoT solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer, ensuring a personalized approach and optimized outcomes.


Scalability and Flexibility

Delivering scalable IoT solutions that can grow with the customer's business, accommodating increased device connectivity, data volume, and expanding use cases.


End-to-End Security

Ensuring robust security measures across all levels, from device authentication and encryption to secure data transmission and comprehensive data privacy policies.


Predictive Maintenance

Leveraging IoT capabilities to enable predictive maintenance, proactively identifying potential equipment failures and optimizing maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and costs.


Strong Partnerships

Collaborating with leading technology partners, ecosystem players, and industry experts to leverage their expertise, access cutting-edge technologies, and provide comprehensive solutions.


Seamless Integration

Providing seamless integration of IoT solutions with existing systems and infrastructure, enabling easy adoption and minimizing disruptions to business operations.


Data-driven Insights

Leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to extract valuable insights from IoT data, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and drive operational efficiencies.


Rapid Deployment

Offering accelerated deployment and time-to-market for IoT solutions, enabling customers to quickly realize the benefits of IoT technology and gain a competitive edge.


User-friendly Interfaces

Designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for monitoring and controlling IoT devices and data, enhancing user experience and enabling easy adoption for non-technical users.


Exceptional Support

Offering dedicated and responsive customer support services, including 24/7 assistance, maintenance, and troubleshooting, to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Our Technology Assets

Carefully derived features based on repeating customer requirements across regions.

Media Analytics

Object Detection in Videos and Pictures


Replay Historic Asset Journeys


Statistical & Asset Analytics

Digital Twin

3D Live Models of Physical Assets


Notifications, Alerts & Events


Device, Users, Groups, Roles Management

Self-Service Analytics

Cross-data, Cross-solution analytics


Filters & Spotlight Search


Real-time Asset Tracking

Value Insights

Insights into Financial Gains


Heatmaps & Map Clusters


Real-time Data Monitoring


Polygon and Circular


Asset Control Scheduling


On-demand Asset Control

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