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As catalysts for digital transformation, we are guided by purpose, vision, and our core values. Our IoT solutions are designed with a focus on creating significant impact and driving positive change.

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Invexal is the result of a collaboration between Exponentia Global and Invixible. Exponentia Global is a prominent worldwide provider that empowers telecom partners and corporate clients with a wide range of wholesale connectivity and ICT solutions. On the other hand, Invixible is a formidable force in the industry, dedicated to assisting clients in achieving maximum productivity, efficiency, and resource optimization through tailor-made IoT solutions.

Invexal serves as a reliable advisor and partner when it comes to resolving intricate enterprise challenges through IoT interventions. Leveraging our extensive partner network, we are capable of delivering tangible business outcomes to enterprise customers globally by offering comprehensive solutions driven by IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a prompt and cost-effective manner. We deliver on our promises and guarantee a committed Return on Investment.

Our Strengths

Rapid IoT App Development With Cumulocity Integration

Our rapidly rollout technology is seamlessly integrated with Cumulocity, allowing for the swift development of comprehensive IoT applications in a matter of minutes. This powerful tool follows the 80-20 rule, enabling users to focus on the most critical aspects of their applications while streamlining the development process. With Xelerate, creating end-to-end IoT applications becomes a remarkably efficient and time-saving endeavor.



Versatile IoT Solutions For Rapid Deployment And Scalability

Our portfolio consists of a wide range of accelerators and solutions designed to meet various use cases and verticals. These offerings are specifically developed to enable rapid deployment and scalability, allowing businesses to quickly implement and expand their IoT solutions as needed. With our versatile portfolio, organizations can effectively address their unique requirements across diverse industries and benefit from the agility and flexibility our solutions provide.

Streamline Your IoT Implementation With Our All-In-One Approach

Experience the ease of deploying complex IoT solutions without the hassle. With us, you can say goodbye to the complexities of compiling various components. We offer a streamlined approach with one contract, one price, and a single provider for end-to-end IoT solutions. Leveraging our extensive global partner ecosystem, we provide comprehensive solutions that encompass the entire IoT journey. Simplify your IoT implementation with our all-in-one approach.



Effortless Integration Seamlessly Enhance Your Infrastructure With Our IoT Solutions

We offer seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, resources, and assets. Our approach is centered around understanding your specific needs and leveraging your current systems and assets to ensure a smooth and efficient integration of our IoT solutions. By fully integrating with your infrastructure, we minimize disruptions, maximize utilization of your resources, and optimize the overall performance of your IoT ecosystem.

End-To-End Security Safeguarding Your IoT Infrastructure From Device To Application

We provide fully end-to-end secured solutions that encompass every level of the IoT ecosystem, from the device level all the way up to the application and services level. Our comprehensive approach ensures that security measures are implemented at each stage of the IoT solution, safeguarding data, devices, and communication channels. By prioritizing security from end to end, we offer peace of mind and protect your IoT infrastructure from potential threats or vulnerabilities.



Scalable Architecture And Global Support Ensuring Peace Of Mind For Your IoT Solution

Experience peace of mind with our highly scalable architecture, backed by global support and 24/7 mission critical service level agreements (SLAs). Our architecture is designed to handle scalability and growth, ensuring that your IoT solution can seamlessly accommodate increasing demands and expanding deployments. Additionally, our dedicated global support team is available round-the-clock to provide assistance and resolve any issues that may arise. With our mission critical SLAs, you can trust that we prioritize the availability, reliability, and performance of your IoT solution, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the operational aspects.

Driving Digital Transformation Expert Guidance For Enterprise Success

We possess a deep understanding of enterprise needs and challenges, and we are well-equipped to guide organizations through their digital transformation journey. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can provide valuable insights, strategic guidance, and practical solutions to help businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation. Whether it's identifying opportunities, developing a roadmap, or implementing innovative technologies, we are committed to supporting enterprises every step of the way on their transformative journey.



Empowering Businesses With Versatile IoT Solutions For Every Industry

Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of accelerators and solutions that are designed for rapid deployment and scalability across various use cases and verticals. These offerings are built to be flexible and adaptable, allowing organizations to swiftly implement and scale their IoT solutions based on their unique requirements. With our portfolio, businesses can accelerate their digital transformation, streamline processes, and achieve their desired outcomes efficiently and effectively.


We have more than a decade of experience.

We are the drivers of digital transformation, our IoT solutions are driven by Purpose, Vision, Key Values, and the impact that we tend to create.


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